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What is the EIT's HEI Initiative?

The EIT's HEI Initiative helps higher education institutions build the capacity to teach innovation and entrepreneurship

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Third call for proposals

Boost your organisation’s deep tech talents

Call for Proposals
Mariya Gabriel

Universities have a critical role to play in the development and growth of local and regional innovation ecosystems.

This new initiative will help them boost their entrepreneurial capabilities at all levels and unlock their innovation potential.

Mariya Gabriel
Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

What our community thinks

During these first months with the EIT, we have been feeling very supported. They have been caring and helpful with onboarding us into the EIT procedures.

Katre Elias
Project Manager, UNIcorn project

What our community thinks

The agile EIT HEI Initiative team and RiEcoLab allow us to implement institutional change and build innovation capacity, while positioning our HEIs as ecosystem integration labs for spin-offs, start-ups and scale-ups.

Dr T. Bartosz Kalinowski and Dr Adrian Solomon
Coordinators, RiEcoLab project