Call for start-ups from EU’s outermost regions in need of support with discovery, incubation and acceleration

The EIT HEI Initiative project INCORE is currently looking for start-ups and small/medium companies interested in receiving support with discovery, incubation and acceleration. Applicants must be based in the outermost regions of the EU: the Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira and La Réunion.

The project is currently working with 18 start-ups, who will receive professional help with analysing their current business model, determining their business goals and objectives, and planning the steps needed to achieve these objectives.

The selected start-ups and small/medium companies will also be able to actively collaborate with INCORE university partners in activities such as:

  • writing and submitting competitive EU funding proposals in powerful consortia;
  • recruiting top talents from the universities;
  • engaging in cooperation agreements with universities for traineeship programmes;
  • creating and improving university resources for student discovery initiatives (facilities, awards, scholarships, testbeds, student clubs, etc.).

Contact your INCORE partner university or Dr. Oliver Schwabe to learn more.