EIT KIC Discovery Day unveils opportunities for higher education institutions

The EIT KIC Discovery Day: Unveiling Opportunities took place on 28 November 2023. The online event was designed to showcase and explore the potential opportunities within the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). Aimed at higher education institutions (HEIs), the event provided a crucial platform for demonstrating the potential follow-up endeavours stemming from the activities implemented under the EIT HEI Initiative.

Engaging sessions and networking opportunities

The event featured various sessions, kicking off with a warm welcome from the Head of the EIT HEI Initiative. Notably, it introduced the recently established EIT KIC, EIT Culture and Creativity. Breakout rooms dedicated to different EIT KIC programmes facilitated in-depth discussions, networking opportunities and knowledge sharing.

Collaborative endeavours across work packages

The collaborative spirit shone through, as the EIT KIC Discovery Day was organised jointly by EIT Manufacturing and EIT Food. It seamlessly connected various aspects and Work Packages (WPs) of the initiative, particularly highlighting the contributions of WP5 (IVAP development), WP6 (IVAP implementation), and WP7 (Monitoring, evaluation and learning).

Advancing EIT HEI Initiative objectives

The KIC Discovery Day played a vital role in advancing the objectives of the EIT HEI Initiative. By showcasing and exploring future opportunities within the EIT KICs and their integration with higher education institutions, the event empowered participants to engage with specific areas of interest. This fostered collaboration, informed decision-making for potential follow-up endeavours, and directly contributed to the goal of creating a community of practice and an ecosystem of HEIs. The event aimed to provide insights and connections to catalyse exciting ventures and contribute to the growth of both HEI projects and EIT KICs.

Opportunities from KICs

Check out some of the opportunities shared by the KICs during the EIT KIC Discovery Day.

EIT RawMaterials

EIT InnoEnergy

EIT Food

EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Health

EIT Manufacturing

EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Digital