EIT HEI Initiative 2024 Pilot Phase Conclusion Event: Invitation Only!

This invitation-only event will bring together 250 representatives from the 65 projects of the HEI Initiative’s Pilot phase (all three cohorts), the full initiative management team, representatives from each EIT KIC, and external stakeholders. The event represents an important moment for the Initiative and its community.

It will be a time to celebrate all we have accomplished in the Pilot Phase as well as build on the collective vision for the next phase of the Initiative.

The event aims to foster community among the HEI Initiative Projects and larger European higher education ecosystem. It is structured to create an environment in which projects can discuss and collaborate with each other and contribute to the collective knowledge in the initiative.

The event is designed to provide the participants with context as the HEI Initiative moves past the pilot phase and explore lessons learned during the pilot phase. Participation from all levels of the Initiative provides a unique moment in the initiative’s history and growth to co-create and learn.

Event highlights

Institutional keynotes and presentations will provide stories of success and celebrations of the enormous work of the initiative in the Pilot Phase. Networking opportunities and a poster session will allow project participants to build new connections and potentially continue their work with new actors.