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International Summer School on Digital Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship

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Domain: Domain 4 – Enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education.

Action: Enhance the scale and scope of student engagement activities | Infrastructure development | Develop structures and conditions for people to create start-ups | Develop or improve innovation and entrepreneurial curricula

The International Summer School on Digital Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship is an annual educational activity designed to introduce attendees to the world of start-ups and multi-channel marketing. Thus, it aims at providing attendees with the advanced technical skills needed to identify, engage, and develop relationships with customers in a digital environment.

Organized by the University of the Aegean, Department of Information & Communication Systems Engineering, it is taking place on the beautiful island of Samos, Greece. This year the 11th International Summer School on Digital Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship – DigiBus2023 will take place on 3 – 8 July 2023.

The Summer School is targeting digital entrepreneurs and marketers who want to improve their skills and be informed about the state of the art practices. By attending the summer school participants will be able to meet professionals, willing to share their knowledge and experience.
Participants will learn how to develop digital “painkillers” and at the same time increase their online business visibility and conversion rates, thanks to modern growth-hacking marketing strategies.

Upon successful completion of the course (1 week lectures) and completion of an essay for a digital start-up, participants will receive a certification honoring 3 ECTS points. Certification of 3 ECTS will be awarded only to those participants that will choose to conduct an essay back home (not mandatory). However, all participants will receive a certification of attendance.

During the Summer School, students have the opportunity to get from the abstract concept of a business idea, to a business plan ready for implementation under the mentorship and guidance of international, experienced tutors and professors in digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Summer School mobilizes key resources of the PROMETHEUS Project such as the PROMETHEUS Acceleration Platform and the PROMETHEUS Network. Also participants get a thorough knowledge of the PROMETHEUS project achievements such as tools, network of partners, Summer Schools and the international Startup Competition along with the challenges accompanying their development.

During 2022 and the 10th International Summer School on Digital Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship, PROMETHEUS partners were represented and actively involved, interacting with participants on: Digital entrepreneurship tools made available through the project; Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development (SDGs, examples of sustainability projects); Business Planning (BM canvas, BP contents); Key Startup Financials, including funding sources; Marketing, including market analysis, segmentation, 4Ps; Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing (Industry 4.0, examples of startups) ; Entrepreneurship in Environmental Protection and Climate Action. HEI partners of PROMETHEUS brought along students from their Universities to collectively work on entrepreneurship. Participants were also informed and guided on the then upcoming PROMETHEUS International Startup Competition 2022. Keynote speakers from the industry and incubators were also invited.




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Zoi Lachana, University of the Aegean