Good Practice

The Investor Readiness Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Supporting KIC's

Domain: Domain 3 – Contributing to developing innovations and businesses.

Action: 4C Training programmes & mentoring schemes

A clear description of the objectives and purpose are included and relate to participants being more investor focussed from the early stages of their idea.

The actions are broken down into six key aspects that participants and readers should consider namely


Understanding Investor Expectations

Preparing Your Business for Investment

Creating an Effective Pitch Deck

Investor Engagement and Due Diligence



The practive was implemented as part of our award winning student incubator #Start100 in the University of Galway in 2023.


The investor readiness handbook has been created to support early stage investment in the medtech sector.  The handbook covers the essential components that support a participant to be investor ready from the early stages of their idea right through to impact.


  • Start-ups seeking early stage investment
  • Participants taking part in incubator programmes
  • Participants of accelerator  programmes

Key outcomes

The Investor Readiness Handbook has been carefully crafted to provide you with valuable insights and practical guidance on how to prepare your medtech start-up for successful investor engagement. The field of medical technology (medtech) holds immense potential for improving healthcare outcomes and revolutionizing patient care. However, translating ground breaking ideas into viable businesses requires not only a strong vision and technological expertise but also access to adequate funding and strategic partnerships. That is where investor readiness becomes crucial.

Key success factors / How to replicate / Sustainability mechanism

The key success factors to succeed in implementing this best practice are

  • Context matters in the medtech space due to different classes of device and regultory pathways.  This playbook gives a broad introduction which should be supplemented with an expert in the field to address specific queries especially for  more developed ideas.
  • The language and flow has worked well with our participants and we have tried to capture that in the handbook
  • The approach can be coverted to slides and also amended to be more detailed depending on the level  of the participants, it does give a great guiding framework for the topic


Contact person

Natalie Walsh