HEInnovate launches updated self-assessment tool at 2023 Education and Innovation Summit

The highly anticipated second Education and Innovation Summit, organised by the European Commission, witnessed the launch of the updated HEInnovate self-assessment tool. The improved tool boasts enhanced statements, input papers on the relevance of all eight key areas (dimensions), European policy context related to entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education, and a selection of possible actions to take after your self-assessment.

The comprehensive revision of the HEInnovate self-assessment tool stems from extensive consultations with experts over the past year. The new version takes into account the latest policy developments in higher education, including the European Strategy for Universities. The updated statements maintain their focus on the innovative and entrepreneurial nature of higher education institutions. However, they emphasise the role innovative institutions play by:

  • reflecting global societal challenges in their entrepreneurial and innovation agenda;
  • fostering sustainable and inclusive innovation in their mission and across all their activities;
  • connecting with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and networks;
  • contributing to building resilient communities.

The enhancements extend beyond the assessment process itself. Recognising the need to support users in taking concrete actions, HEInnovate has developed a new set of action cards. These learning materials provide institutions with guidance and facilitate the implementation of appropriate measures based on the results of their self-assessment. The action cards can be downloaded, empowering users to embark on their entrepreneurial and innovative journey.

The improved self-assessment tool is now available online in all official EU languages. It is important to note that all self-assessments and associated groups were closed and archived by 23 June 2023. Registered users will still have access to their past completion results in accordance with HEInnovate’s terms and conditions. Nevertheless, due to the introduction of new content, previous self-assessments will be archived and will no longer be available for completion.

HEInnovate encourages all users to explore the new self-assessment tool and welcomes their valuable feedback.