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Projects funded through the EIT's HEI Initiative


March 2021


Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education in Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

The vision of SMART-2M is to become the leading European initiative that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to develop world-class solutions to Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing challenges and create growth and skilled jobs.

March 2021


Responsible Innovation-Led Entrepreneurial University Transformation Centres (Ecosystem Integration Labs)

RiEcoLab aims to develop a novel way of performing research and development in universities to ensure immediate commercialisation (spin-offs) and involvement of a large number of internal stakeholders (academic and non-academic staff, and students).

March 2021


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Domains of Digital Transformation, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development

PROMETHEUS aims to develop and share the consortium’s innovation and entrepreneurship support capabilities in the area of digital transformation related to circular economy, climate change and sustainable development.

March 2021


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in HEIs

INVENTHEI builds on existing practices and infrastructure to enhance regional innovation ecosystems and promote innovation-driven research. One of the objectives is to setup a HEI-driven European network of innovation districts.

March 2021


Innovation Capacity Building in UNITA

INNOUNITA aims to bring together experiences and know-how, and develop a consistent overall strategy, based on the UNITA University alliance. UNITA is a European University alliance of six comprehensive research universities from five countries.

March 2021


Innovate European University of Technology

Inno-EUt+ aims to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of a new European university alliance, the European University of Technology.

March 2021


InnoChange: Driving Change and Capacity Building Towards Innovative, Entrepreneurial Universities

InnoChange aims to increase the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and attitude of higher education institutions. Another objective is to strengthen and better integrate into, and engage with, innovation ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe.

March 2021


Inno4YUFE - Towards a Pioneering European University that Powers a New Generation of Student Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Inno4YUFE aims to remove barriers to student entrepreneurship and reinforce the role of higher education institutions (HEIs) as launchpads towards entrepreneurial career pathways.

March 2021


Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education in Europe’s Outermost Regions

INCORE boosts innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in higher education institutions in Europe’s Outermost Regions by seizing region-specific contextual and business opportunities.