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Projects funded through the EIT's HEI Initiative


March 2021


E<sup>3</sup>UDRES<sup>2</sup> Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network for Smart and Sustainable European Regions

E.I.N.S. co-ideates novel pathways for entrepreneurial universities, drives the development of entrepreneurial education, co-creates advanced support for innovation and business creation, and enhances collaboration across the knowledge triangle.

March 2021


Unlocking Full Innovation Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship

EELISA UNFOLDS is set to become a leading European initiative in the transformation of higher education institutions into key players in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

March 2021


CloudEARTHinnovation: Innovation Capacity Building for the Use of Big Data in Environmental Sciences, Sustainability and Circular Economy in HEIs and Their Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The project will bring together a consortium of five higher education institutions (HEIs) and one business partner to review, assess and improve institutional innovation and entrepreneurship practices.

March 2021


Creating Holistic Innovation Capacity

The CHIC project contributes to increasing the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of the higher education sector across Europe and, consequently, boosts sustainable economic growth and competitiveness in the EU.

March 2021


Boosting Innovation and Entrepreneurship through European Universities

BOOGIE-U contributes to the EU’s efforts to boost sustainable economic growth and competitiveness by implementing novel models for increasing innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in the consortium.