Full partners

Dublin City University (Lead Partner)


University of Kragujevac


University of Ioannina


University of Tours


Mondragon Unibertsitatea


Deep Trait S.A.


Business Support Network




Associated partners

STMicroelectronics (TOURS) SAS


Max. funding Phase 1
€ 350,000
Max. funding Phase 2
€ 400,000
Supported by
EIT Digital
Coordinated by
EIT RawMaterials

Project description

The DEEPTECH-2M Project will build up HEIs’ capacity to foster deep tech talent in order to respond to the identified importance of deep tech talent development for the future of innovation and security in Europe.

The Project vision is to become the leading European initiative that empowers the whole innovation ecosystem to develop world-class solutions to global challenges.

Through the EIT Knowledge Triangle, interaction between business, education, innovation, and multi-disciplinary efforts of different stakeholders will be integrated to establish and support the deep tech innovation ecosystem in:

  • advanced materials and manufacturing (to further support green and smart manufacturing);
  • AI and ML (including Industrial Internet of Things/Industry 5.0);
  • biotechnology towards customised health solutions;
  • sustainable green energy and clean technologies.

EIT HEI Initiative SMART-2M Project consortium (Cohort 1), with one new HEI, will realise the DEEPTECH-2M Project, building on existing SMART-2M activities in deep tech. Five universities (Ireland, France, Greece, Serbia, Spain), deep tech start-ups, SMEs (Poland, Ireland), a business network (Serbia), and a global high-tech company (France) will jointly implement at least seven Actions from five Domains. Aiming for long-term sustainability, to design a realistic Project IVAP, The Project objectives considered the HEInnovate self-assessments. Project results will strongly contribute to the strategic objectives of at least four EIT KICs – EIT RawMaterials, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Health, and EIT Digital – including the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).

The Project IVAP will achieve a pre-defined number of EIT Core KPIs and specific EIT KPIs in Phase 1, increasing in Phase 2. In total (for Phase 1 and Phase 2), these KPIs are a minimum of:

  • 5 start-up/scale-ups supported;
  • 720 students trained (minimum 75 students mentored);
  • 105 academic staff member trained (minimum 33 academics mentored);
  • 105 non-academic staff trained (minimum 33 non-academics mentored);
  • 3 improved support structures and mechanisms;
  • 3 new partnerships established and minimum 1 start-up created [EITHE04.4].

This Project will improve Knowledge/Technology Transfer Offices by adopting a model for a multi-annual HEI Transferability Plan to achieve institutional change in line with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, and considering Smart Specialisation, including:

  • developing training (summer school) and update the course curriculum at HEIs;
  • organising hackathons (pitching) and networking events;
  • preparing a common body of knowledge on deep tech and innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and publish a Handbook;
  • further building the digital VINForum (made in the SMART-2M Project) to support the Research-to-Business (R2B) pre-incubator programme;
  • realising pilot projects to support start-ups, student internships and utilise testbeds;
  • creating an Open Innovation Hub in deep tech through shared testbeds across HEIs;
  • creating new start-ups;
  • contributing to deep tech;
  • creating innovative digital solutions.

Project timeline

EIT HEI Timeline May 2023