Full partners

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (Lead partner)


University of Luxembourg


Frederick University


Universitatea din Craiova


Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences


Karolinska Institutet


International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises


Ungt Entreprenørskap


Igloo Innovation AS


Max. funding Phase 1
€ 300,000
Max. funding Phase 2
€ 900,000
Supported by
EIT Health
Coordinated by
EIT RawMaterials

Project description

HEInnovaSport’s vision is to improve the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the participating sport science higher education institutions (HEIs). The project’s goal is to combat physical inactivity, which is a major risk factor for morbidity and premature mortality, responsible for more than five million deaths globally each year.

HEInnovaSport calls for innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities and aims to convert them to business opportunities and societal impact. The project will strengthen innovation capacity through: targeted efforts; exchange of best practices; and listening carefully to individuals and organisations that are proficient in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The project’s coordinator institution, the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, has joined forces with the following HEI partners:

  • Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences;
  • University of Craiova;
  • Karolinska Institute;
  • Frederick University;
  • University of Luxembourg.

Partners from other sides of the knowledge triangle are:

  • Ungt entreprenørskap;
  • Sport-tech incubator Igloo Innovation;
  • International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises.

HEInnovaSport aims to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into all activities – moving away from a situation where such perspectives are treated singularly, regardless of the innovation potential.

The HEInnovate self-assessment tool allowed project partners to identify their innovation strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to design a two-year joint Innovation Vision Action Plan. The Innovation Vision Action Plan focuses on transforming the HEIs when it comes to institutional engagement for innovation, strengthened knowledge triangle partnerships, increased development of innovations and businesses, and improved innovation and entrepreneurial education.

HEInnovaSport will create synergies through increased knowledge exchange between HEIs and the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, EIT Health and EIT Digital. By developing entrepreneurial curricula and enabling students to create new businesses, employability will be improved.

The partners are committed to becoming future key actors in sport science and public health innovations and entrepreneurship, better partners to society, and engines of impact for the benefit of local, regional and international innovation ecosystems. HEInnovaSport will reduce healthcare costs and will partake in the rapid growing market of sport science innovations. The project will also contribute to meeting the high demand of innovative products and services needed in sports (also in the physical activity sector). This will look to generate inclusive economic growth, better public health and quality jobs in the sports industry, while contributing to the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Project coordinator

Frode Paulsen Frode Paulsen, Research and Innovation Coordinator, Norwegian School of Sport Science (contact)

Project timeline

EIT HEI Timeline March 2022