Full partners

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht (Lead partner)


Hogeschool PXL


Medical University of Gdansk


Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa


UtrechtInc C.V.


AI4MedImaging Medical Solutions SA


National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky”


Max. funding Phase 1
€ 300,000
Max. funding Phase 2
€ 900,000
Supported by
EIT Health
Coordinated by
EIT RawMaterials

Project description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – including the use of big data, digital health, wearables and electronic health records in healthcare and research – is rapidly emerging and radically changing medical practice. Despite impressive experimental results, concrete AI implementation in routine patient care is not yet common practice. Innovative ideas strand due to a lack of support systems and knowledge in valorisation and business development within higher education institutions (HEIs). For an innovative concept to mature through the complete innovation funnel, knowledge and support is required with respect to legal, ethical, financial and business-case-building aspects.

The main objective of innovAId is to increase the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity within the University Medical Center Utrecht, Medical University Gdansk, PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and Lisbon School of Nursing. The project aims to do this by developing and strengthening the ecosystem surrounding digital health innovation in the four European regions where the HEIs are located. These HEIs are supported by the company AI4MED and the start-up incubator UtrechtInc.

To achieve the project’s objectives, the partners will develop and improve their digital health testbeds. Based on the innovation funnel for valuable AI in healthcare, the testbeds take innovation ideas from staff and students through the different phases of the innovation funnel, with extra attention on the quality of the business case. Business and innovation managers will assist the users with business development and innovation. Moreover, the project will identify relevant stakeholders from the knowledge triangle in the four regions of the HEIs and invite them to matchmaking events, multiplier events, a hackathon, and the newly developed digital health learning community to facilitate new partnerships, stimulate valorisation and entrepreneurship within the HEIs, and ensure long-term impact.

The consortium will improve entrepreneurial training and institutional engagement with innovation for staff by developing a workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship in digital health. These workshops facilitate scouting for entrepreneurial initiatives and opportunities within HEIs.

The consortium will improve entrepreneurial training and institutional engagement with innovation for students by developing micro-learnings on innovation and entrepreneurship in digital health.

Microcredentials can be offered as a separate course or can be added to existing courses on entrepreneurship.

Lastly, a mentoring programme will be developed to provide a sustainable model for mentoring entrepreneurial initiatives within the HEIs.

With these activities, the innovAId consortium works towards their vision of a more digital, affordable and inclusive healthcare sector in Europe.

Project timeline

EIT HEI Timeline March 2022