Fostering open innovation in higher education!

On 26 January 2024 the EIT HEI Initiative hosted a free webinar titled ‘Collaborative innovation: Fostering open innovation in higher education’. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in open innovation in higher education and how their institutions can benefit from this transformative approach.

Open innovation has emerged as a key strategy for universities to facilitate technology transfer, leverage external knowledge and resources and foster collaboration with stakeholders from regional innovation ecosystems, such as businesses, industries and public authorities.

This webinar delved into the concept of open innovation at universities, exploring its benefits, challenges and implications for higher education institutions in a rapidly evolving innovation landscape.

Our esteemed speakers shared their insights and experiences in implementing open innovation strategies at higher education institutions.


Matteo Vignoli
Associate Professor at the University of Bologna
Zoltan Javor
Programme Manager at Aalto University

Watch the recordings

Open innovation, Matteo Vignoli, University of Bologna (download presentation slides)
Fostering open innovation at universities: the Aalto Innovations & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Zoltan Javor, Aalto University (download presentation slides)