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Projects funded through the EIT's HEI Initiative


November 2021


Entrepreneurial Preparation for Notable and Engaging Universities

A project to support European universities in becoming more entrepreneurial and innovative. By fostering competences of the future, it will secure a new generation of student entrepreneurs and innovators.

November 2021


Accelerating the role of Creative Communities through the Exploration of Entrepreneurial Education and Radical creativity within European Education

C-Accelerate is focused on increasing the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity in higher education in the fields of the arts and creative practices.

November 2021


Increasing space innovation and technology transfer by connecting space academia, industry and startups

The European space sector has undergone a drastic development in the last years, following the advent of the so-called New Space.

November 2021


Smart Manufacturing Innovation, Learning-labs, and Entrepreneurship

Smart Manufacturing Innovation, Learning-labs, and Entrepreneurship’s (SMILE) contextual focus is smart manufacturing (SM), the hallmark of the next industrial revolution, representing a cornerstone for economic competitiveness and growth in order to create jobs and improve the quality of life of citizens.

November 2021


Circular Economy Innovative Initiative in Textiles for an Entrepreneurial Europe

CITE will create a new dynamic and agile ecosystem in and between a select partners and higher education institutions that will boost their innovation and entrepreneurship capacities.

November 2021


Innovation Laboratories for Climate Actions

ILCA unites 4 HEI and two research organizations under the theme of CLIMATE.

November 2021


Entrepreneurial and innovation skills for developing the new value chains of mobility, health and manufacturing

With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Agreement of Paris, the world agreed for the first time in history to act decisively and face the 2 most important challenges to which humanity faces today: achieving sustainable development and tackling the problem of climate change.

November 2021


Increasing the entrepreneurial innovation capacity of higher education institutions in AI and data science in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – including the use of big data, digital health, wearables and electronic health records in health care and research – is rapidly emerging and radically changing medical practice. Despite impressive experimental results, concrete AI implementation in routine patient care is not yet common practice.

November 2021


Strengthening Innovation Pipelines for Impactful Universities

Universities have the potential to widely impact society and the economy through the education of future entrepreneurs and translation of academic research findings into innovations and, eventually, successful companies.