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Projects funded through the EIT's HEI Initiative


November 2021

Network IQ Alliance

‘Building Forward Better’ ecosystems - Harnessing the power of networked communities to scale-up and accelerate the impact of entrepreneurial universities

Network IQ Alliance is a community of entrepreneurial universities from Spain, Poland, Latvia, Ireland and the UK, an innovative SME, a network of research institutes, an industry network, and a global network of science and technology parks in 77 countries.

November 2021


Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence in Higher Education Institutes

This project aims to boost the entrepreneurial performance of all consortium members in close collaboration with their ecosystem partners.

November 2021


The Interdisciplinary HEI Entrepreneurship Fostering Program

Many higher education institutions (HEIs) in Europe are struggling to capitalise on their research infrastructure capacities and opportunities, leverage HEIs accumulated scientific knowledge for co-creation with stakeholders, prepare students for entrepreneurial thinking and actions, and establish effective dialogue with industry and government due to lower readiness level and different motivational drivers and expectations.

November 2021


International Capacity Building in InNovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship with focus on ShaRed Expertise in Higher Education Institutions

INTREPID-HEI is a European project consortium of seven full and six associated partners with the intention of fostering 'International Capacity Building in Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship with a focus on Shared Expertise in Higher Education Institutions'.

November 2021


Smart Innovation for Sustainable Future

SMART4FUTURE helps to solve the challenge posed to HEIs by the unprecedented technological advancement. Digital technologies are becoming more embedded, more complex, more miniaturised and more autonomous. They have become invisible, and yet they have an enormous impact on our lives.

November 2021


Developing Innovative Sustainable Cooperation Opportunities

DISCO aims to contribute to strengthening European HEIs’ innovation capacity by boosting innovation through shared learning, cooperation and flow of knowledge among the three participating HEIs, one non-profit enterprise and one SME representing the broader innovation ecosystem.

November 2021


Universities for huMAN-centered Entrepreneurship

UMANE objectives relate to fostering institutional change, and to developing innovative services and methodology to support human-centered innovation and entrepreneurship within the universities of the consortium.

November 2021


HEI Innovation for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship

The mission of the project “HEI Innovation for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship” (HIVE) is to increase the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the project partners by networking and exchange of the best practices identified nationally and internationally.