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Projects funded through the EIT's HEI Initiative


November 2022


Deep Tech Empowerment for Higher Education Institutes

Skills2Scale is a Project designed to empower HEIs to play a leading role in the development and implementation of Beyond 5G networks and applications.

November 2022


Universities for deep tech and entrepreneurship

The project aims to empower consortium universities’ interdisciplinary approaches as one of their strategic domains, in order to flexibly reconfigure the universities’ entrepreneurial and innovation capacity to respond to the human resources and research and development (R&D)-based needs of deep tech industries operating within Nordic-Baltic innovation value chains.

November 2022


Nurturing deep tech talents for clean and sustainable energy transition

The TREATY initiative aims to nurture European deep tech talents in sustainable green energy and clean digital technologies by implementing various strategies.

November 2022


Accelerating innovation across Regional Deep Tech Valleys in Europe

SFFACCEL is an initiative of 11 higher education institutions (HEIs), three R&I centres, one nationwide entrepreneurial association, and two European regional valleys which are all committed to developing a holistic, but inclusive, entrepreneurial transformation model.

November 2022


DeepTech in Higher Education Institutions and Ecosystems through Entrepreneurial Education+

SFF.DeepT+ Project sets the pathway to the future, towards 2030 and beyond, with a new Systemic DeepTech Innovation framework that involves (as drivers and key-actors) the relevant stakeholders of an Open European Innovation Ecosystem.

November 2022


REGional INNovAtive learning for society 4.0

The goal of the REGINNA 4.0 Project is to address the under-utilisation of existing expensive infrastructure outside of fundamental research and the limited awareness of potential improvements to entrepreneurial competitiveness and innovation capabilities.

November 2022


Interdisciplinary Creative Education in Deep Tech

The project aims to increase the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the consortium through: interdisciplinary approach; practice-based collaboration; life-wide learning opportunities; and a well-networked and integrated ecosystem.

November 2022


Unlocking High Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competences for Deep Tech Talents

The Project partners aim to tailor innovative programmes for deep tech talents, focusing on the health and manufacturing fields that fit the consortium Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) base of all three regions.

November 2022


Deep Tech Innovation Programme for Agrifood

The overall goal of DIP4Agri is to accelerate capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) of the HEIs involved in selected domains of deep tech that enable agri-food by-product valorisation.