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Projects funded through the EIT's HEI Initiative


November 2021


Open science technologies Acceleration for a new generation of Student entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable development

OASIS is an initiative of 4xHEIs, 1xResearch Center, 1xpan-EU Network of Institutions and 2xEnterprises.

November 2021


Accelerating Sustainable Hydrogen Uptake Through Innovation and Education

KICstartH2 aims to accelerate hydrogen uptake throughout Europe through education and innovation, by targeting students and industry professionals.

November 2021


HEInnovaSport: Building innovation capacity and entrepreneurship in sport science HEIs

The HEInnovaSport vision is to improve the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the participating sport science higher education institutions (HEIs) with the intention of combatting physical inactivity, which is a major risk factor for morbidity and premature mortality, responsible for more than 5 million deaths globally each year.

November 2021


Action to Boost Ecosystem Impact through Cross-partner Learning

EcoAction intends to leverage the institutions' entrepreneurial and innovation knowledge models through a geographically and economically varied alliance of five cooperating universities and two leading technology transfer companies.

November 2021


Innovation and entrepreneurship actions and trainings for higher education

IDEATION intends to transform participating HEIs into universities of significantly increased entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and to enhance their impact on surrounding ecosystems.

November 2021


Building Ecosystem Integration Labs at HEI to foster Smart Specialization and Innovation on Sustainable Raw Materials

The vision of HEI4S3-RM for 2030 will be to develop a novel pathway for entrepreneurial universities by performing research and development to ensure and accelerate innovation and commercialization with involvement and collaboration of a large number of internal/external stakeholders (academic and non-academic staff, as well as students) in HEIs regions.

November 2021


ACCELERATE - Entrepreneurship Education in Europe (EEE)

The vision of ACCELERATE–Entrepreneurship Education in Europe (EEE) is to build capacity at partner HEIs to catalyse the development of data-driven entrepreneurial firms in areas such as fintech, medtech, AI and IoT.

November 2021


Nordic Baltic Universities boosting entrepreneurial and innovation support systems

NOBALIS is a Nordic-Baltic consortium consisting of five Agricultural and Technical universities, and two organizations with expertise in tech.transfer, start-up support and acceleration programs.

November 2021


Boosting Digital Innovation and Transformation Capacity of HEIs in an Entrepreneurial ecosystem

Digital innovation has radically changed the nature and structure of new products and services, spawned novel value creation and value appropriation pathways, enabled innovation collectives that involve dynamic sets of actors with diverse goals and capabilities, produced a new breed of innovation processes, and, more broadly, transformed entire industries in its wake.